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“Gary Wann is an excellent, creative and dedicated manager. He is very talented, hard-working and has a great eye. I found working with him to be a great experience not just for his promotion skill but because he cares about what he does. He spends time always trying to improve the on-air product and I respect that very highly. He merits the highest of complements; he makes everyone around him better.”

Chris Burgess

Chris Burgess

Emmy-award winning Art Director, Designer, Animator

“Gary is a creative writer and a producer who is not afraid to think “outside the box”. Always prepared with a specific vision for each commercial spot, he was willing to work collaboratively with me in producing innovative and ultimately creative spots for WCNC/NBC6, Edits were always technically challenging, visually interesting, and overall, lots of fun.”

Greg Vermette

Greg Vermette

Video Editor, Motion Graphics Designer and Post Production Specialist

Gary is one of the most strategic, creative, and smartest marketers in television. He has a cinematic eye, and a gift for great writing. He and his teams push for excellence in promotion with every spot. His work elevates the entire industry.”

John Kukla

John Kukla

VP Creative Services, KDFW/KDFI, Fox Television Stations
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